Can You Master This Riddle and Save the Hostages?

Shelby Rogers

You can thank the brilliant minds at TED-Ed for this head scratcher.

Your favorite band loves playing music, but they're terrible at keeping themselves organized. The band manager gets fed up and locks the band in a soundproof room all tied up. The manager tells them each of the band's 10 instruments has been randomly placed in a box in another room. The boxes are labeled, but the instruments inside don't necessarily correspond with the labels.

Each musician can open up to five boxes. Each musician must close the box after it's been opened. The musicians cannot communicate with each other.

If everyone successfully finds their own instruments, they can perform at tonight's concert. If one person messes up, no one performs and the show gets canceled.

The drummer comes up with a plan that works. Can you figure out what the plan was that won out?

Of course, the simplest answer as noted online is to "Kick your manager's ass then proceed to fire him."

Via TED-Ed


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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