Cat’s Hilarious 1980 Safety Film Shows Dangers of Heavy Machinery

These simulated accidents do a good job of scaring you and making you laugh at the same time.
Derya Ozdemir

We are way past Halloween; however, this 23-minute film named "Shake Hands with Danger" will definitely take you back. The film was shot by the U.S. heavy-equipment manufacturer Caterpillar in 1980, and according to the video's description, it was filmed as a safety film that was commissioned by the construction equipment manufacturer in order to "remind workers to follow procedures and stay alert" by showing just how much can go wrong in the field. 

The film was revived from the dead and brought to media's attention after a tip by [Paulie] resulted in a "retrotechtacular" article by Hackaday. The film features simulated accidents with grotesque stuff happening right after another, from a man getting his hand stuck in a bench grinder to a D9 bulldozer getting crashed.