CCTV Camera Captures the Crazy Moment When This Man's Samsung Phone Explodes in His Pocket

A hotel employee lost his Samsung phone in the worst way when it began burning in his pocket.
Danielle  De La Bastide

Another Samsung phone has met a fiery death, and it was all caught on video. A man in Indonesia was seen on CCTV at his place of work, the Hotel Ciputra Semarang, frantically trying to rip his shirt off after a blue flame burst from his front pocket where his phone was placed.

In the clip, the man named Yulianto is seen reaching for his phone after it began burning him, he eventually falls to the ground while bystanders step in to assist. Local police say he suffered only minor burns from the incident. They also claim that Yulianto is partly at fault for the malfunction, saying he was using Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth concurrently when it happened.

This isn’t the first time a Samsung has gone up in flames. The Galaxy Note 7 was the focus of scrutiny after reports came out that phones were exploding weeks after its release. Samsung eventually had to replace user’s phones. Despite their best efforts, the devices continued malfunctioning, and the South Korean phone maker had to recall all phones indefinitely.

However, this time the fault was not Samsung’s.

"From a thorough investigation, we have found that the battery used in the device was not manufactured by Samsung or a company authorized by Samsung. We sincerely wish for our customer's swift recovery, and strongly recommend all our consumers to use Samsung's genuine or approved batteries that have been specifically designed for use in Samsung products," a spokesman for the South Korean electronics giant told CNET.