CCTV Catches the Moment Woman Nearly Struck by A Speeding Train

Ayçesu Duran

A woman in the suburban train station in Auckland, New Zealand just marginally avoided a speeding train which nearly sent her to her demise.

The footage of the woman frighteningly avoiding a speeding train went viral after the Auckland Transport authorities released it on their YouTube channel. From the security camera, it can be seen that a few other people, from both sides of the rail track, crossed the designated pedestrian crossing despite the alarming display of flashing lights and warning bells.

Even before reaching the crossing track, a bright, clear sign attached to the fence says "Look Left". One would assume that if you're going to watch out for an oncoming train, provided that she saw the sign, you would initially 'look left'. But no, maybe not today. The woman made the wrong decision and focused her vision on her right instead and only turned to look left, probably a tenth of a second early, before narrowly dodging the train.

Craig Inger, the rail services manager at the Auckland Transport, said: "The lights and bells mean don't cross".

Well, I think everyone knows that, especially when you're about to cross a train track pedestrian. I guess the moral of the story is to pay attention when you're walking in public places. Especially when there's a speeding train involved.

Via Auckland Transport


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