Watch Celebrities Audition to Become Stephen Hawking's New Voice

Shelby Rogers

Renowned physicist and all-around science guru Stephen Hawking has had the same voice for over 30 years. And he's tired of listening to the Intel-created machine spitting out words for him. He wants something new, something fresh and something spectacular. He wants a new voice.

At least, he'll do it for charity.

In the latest video from the United Kingdom's Comic Relief charity drive, Hawking reviews audition tapes of tons of A-list celebrities. Liam Neeson does his best to win over the astrophysicist with his gravely, rugged voice (and the monologue from Taken). Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick both try to persuade him that they'd make him sound way more 'hip,' albeit slightly less intelligent than what the professor is known for. Eddie Redmayne, who played Hawking in the film The Theory of Everything and won an Oscar for his portrayal, didn't even make the cut.

The auditions even go beyond the realm of actors. Phantom of the Opera and Cats composer Andrew Lloyd Webber offers to transform Hawking's life into an epic musical. (We would still really love to see that, so if Webber still wants to make it a reality, we're ready to pre-order tickets.) The most interesting would easily be the foul-mouthed and hard-as-nails chef Gordon Ramsay. The thought of the eloquent Stephen Hawking swearing obscenities during a presentation would be amazing. Poor Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda gets the boot very quickly.

Even other tech giants like Bill Gates and Siri get in on the audition.