Check out This 70-Step Basketball Trickshot Rube Goldberg Machine

This Rube Goldberg Machine Basketball is one captivating watch.
Christopher McFadden

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Have you ever dreamed of making your very own Rube Goldberg Machine? Then this masterful example will get your creative juices flowing.

Using a basketball to start the process, the entire machine has a total of 70 steps through a variety of obstacles, to achieve its final goal. We won't spoil the surprise, so watch the video for yourself.

It is well worth the wait, we can assure you!

basketball trick shot start
"Getting the ball rolling". The anticipation is killing us. Source: Creezy/YouTube

If you want to attempt somethıng similar you will need some materials. While it is not possible to list everything used in this example, here are some of the most notable parts.

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Rube Goldberg Machines take a long time to plan and execute, and should only be attempted by the most dedicated individuals. You might want to start small by using things like dominoes and marbles, etc before moving up to the big leagues, like this masterpiece.

rube goldberg trick shot mid
The most interesting Rube Goldberg Machines make use of a variety of materials. Children's toys are always well received by the audience. Source: Creezy/YouTube

To be honest, we can't think of a better way to spend your time, can you? Apparently, this video was taken in single filming and contains no hidden cuts or edits. 

For reference, the creators, the guys at Creezy, spent an entire month to assemble the machine, and another month testing and refining it. That is an admirable investment of time and money.

Rube Goldberg trick shot blocks
Triggering chain reactions, like knocking over blocks, is always a nice touch. Source: Creezy/YouTube

We salute you!

If you want to attempt something similar yourself, the products and materials you use will be determined by the location of your Rube Goldberg Machine. Remember you will need to take advantage of the power of gravity for your creation to work, so ensure that the entire track or path of things you move around is generally downward.

Rube Goldberg Machine trampolines
Always take advantage of gravity wherever you can. Here this basketball falls from a roof onto a trampoline. Excellent execution. Source: Creezy/YouTube

This will take a lot of trial and error and you will likely need a large initial input of kinetic energy. In this case, the chaps at Creezy physically throw a basketball to get, well, "get the ball rolling".  

Starting from a high location, like the top floor, etc, will also do the trick. 

Rube Goldberg Machine trickshot track
This machine makes excellent use of geography and tracks. Source: Creezy/YouTube

You will also likely need to guide stuff around the course, whether it be balls or cars or whatever, so you will need things like building materials, wood, baseball bats, etc for this. 

These chaps also made use of a nearby playground for their machine. Obviously, the availability of such props will vary for you. 

Rube Goldberg Machine playground
Making use of playground equipment is novel. Source: Creezy/YouTube

They also made excellent use of spare building materials for their build. This is always appreciated by the audience. 

rube goldberg machine building materials
Breezeblocks/cinder blocks are always a nice addition. Source: Creezy/YouTube

The team behind the build also put some real elbow grease into their creation by excavating an earthwork path to transport the final basketball to its goal. We can see why this machine took so long to build and test. 

Rube Goldberg Machine earthworks
If you are up to it, you can also create some earthworks for your machine too. Source: Creezy/YouTube

The guys at Creezy clearly put a lot of work, and thought, into their Rube Goldberg machine, so don't feel too disheartened if yours doesn't live up to their ambitious project.