Children Break Record by Building the Longest Hot Wheels Track

Watch this video to see children building the longest Hot Wheels track, and prepare for a really long ride!

These children are children with ideals and their ideal became true: they built the longest Hot Wheels track ever!

The attempt was originally planned by Alfred Benesch § Company in Pennsylvania. The main idea was offering a STEM learning opportunity for the children of Benesch employees. 

The kids collected and assembled the numerous tracks one after another. Once it was completed, an ambitious race began with one of the kids giving the car a little push. And it went on for a very, very long time. For a whopping 663.298 meters actually!

With children trying to keep up with the little car, the video is quite heartwarming. Also, since they put a camera on the car, it made us feel like a little car doing our best to go faster while the other giant cars loom over us. If you feel like that too, don’t worry, you are in the Guinness World Records book and they are not.  

As you'd imagine the car faces a rather bleak end; however, the children’s joy really does make up for it. Tune in to watch it.

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