China Is Building a “2 Trillion Dollar” Mega City

The city will become a major economic hub for the region.
Donovan Alexander

Did you know that China is building the world’s biggest city? For the past decade, China has been on a mission to create the world’s largest city by combining some of the most heavily populated cities within the country. Housed in a 15,000-square-mile perimeter called the Pearl River Delta, the region houses 57 million people.

This region not only plays an important role in China but is a crucial component of the entire global economy, shipping some of your everyday beloved technology products. The region itself is comprised of the cities of Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Guangzhou, Foshan, and Zhaoqing.

What is China’s plan? By 2030, China hopes to unite all the cities into an all-powerful megacity with an economic output of $2 trillion. As mentioned in PolyMatter’s well-designed video, the Chinese government has big plans for the region, an area that could eventually become the world’s economic powerhouse.

Curious, how China plans to do it? The video breaks down not only why China plans to create this new super city but how they plan to do it. There is a good chance that some of the technology that you use on a daily basis will come in contact with the new super city in 2030.  

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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