Citizen Scientist Makes Short Movie of Sun by Using a Week's Worth of Data From NASA

The Sun is a giant fiery ball and this video will most definitely make you sweat.

Seán Doran is a visual artist and filmmaker with an interest in astronomy and space art; and as his Twitter bio, beautifully puts, he is quite literally "star stuff making space stuff."

This video by him is basically a short film titled, "Sun Dance", and the Sun dances indeed.

"Sun Dance" is basically a week of the Sun in 8K, and it is made with data from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Seán Doran is actually a citizen scientist, who regularly processes NASA images. Moreover, he has also assisted in NASA's Juno spacecraft team to process various images taken of Jupiter by the spacecraft.

So yes, Doran is not new to this. And the video truly does speak for itself. Doran, apparently, doesn't add anything to the images he makes, most of the work is done enhancing what is already there by applying lots of tailored adjustments and local contrast masks. 

You can watch Sun's solar storms in 4K, and it is simply impossible not to feel awe in the fiery-wake of it.

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