Cleaning Robots That Almost Work Like Magic

It's time to let your robots clean for you while you relax.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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What if cleaning could be done almost by magic? What if robots could clean for you while you relax? What if those robots could clean even better than humans? Would you like to see them up close and in action? In this video, we bring you expert cleaning robots that you have to see to believe.

The ISTOBAL Railway Technology is an automatic washing system for the railway industry. It’s suitable for trains, trams, and metros. The Bobcat Sand Cleaner collects sand and soil debris, whether wet or dry. It can clean beaches, playgrounds, and even racetracks.

The Lely Discovery Barn Cleaner is a manure scraping robot that cleans the barn floors. It features a water spray function for further cleaning.

Have these robots piqued your interest yet? Are you wondering exactly how machines can clean? Do you enjoy watching a space get cleaned from scratch? Are you curious about how well robots can clean up a space? Then, this video is for you.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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