Clever Student Plays 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Song in a Way You've Never Heard Before

This YouTuber takes calculators and transforms them into instruments. Their channel is full of weird and wonderful music renditions performed on strange tiny instruments.
Jessica Miley

Most of us see a calculator and think of accounting. But YouTuber sees a calculator and thinks music. Check out this video where they play the theme song to the Pirates of the Caribbean on two calculators. The two ordinary looking calculators emit a little sound when the buttons are pressed and the musician going under the name, ‘It’s a Small World,’ uses that to bang out the catchy theme song. Asking why that song and not others, should lead you to their other videos on their channel where you can see them take on a range of tunes from the Super Mario Theme song to the global phenomena Despacito.  All played on two business calculators!

The two ordinary looking calculators emit a little sound when the buttons are pressed, and the student's fingers start flying as if the calculators were piano keys. 'It's a Small World,' a YouTube user from  Japan, said they don't always create musical themes everytime they use a calculator. They might be gifted, but It's a Small World owned up to not doing so well at math.

"I want to tell you my little secret," they said. "I often get 0 points on a math test. No joking." 

It's a Small World also noted they weren't entirely sure what calculator they used as Japanese students don't use calculators in math class. The YouTube channel includes other hits like the Super Mario Theme song and global phenomenon "Despacito." And all of this came to be with just two business calculators. 

Their musical talents don’t stop there though. This channel also includes some weird and wonderful videos that include them making tunes using a glass bowl of water and their hands. They dip their fingers in and splash around the bowl to create cover versions of famous songs. The calculator version seems to be slightly more successful. Occasionally they make a video using a real instrument. Real in the sense that it most closely resembles an instrument, but it's actually a tiny toy piano! You’ll never be able to listen to the Game of Thrones theme song in the same way again! We don’t know too much about the mysterious YouTuber but we can highly recommend skittering away a few hours on their channel!