Comparing the Burnability of Different Fire Insulation Materials

This video answers the burning question.

Insulating materials are used in buildings for energy conservation, but have you ever thought about whether they can increase fire and health risks

Indeed, some insulating materials can aid the spread of a fire, while others emit smoke and toxic fumes. Furthermore, the amount of insulation in the walls of a room can affect the rate of growth of a fire since insulation reduces heat transfer to other areas. As a result, the more insulation there is, the higher the temperature the fire in the room can be expected to reach. 

With these in mind, you may want to watch this video by the YouTube channel post 10. The YouTuber tests the burn ability of various fire insulation materials to see how they compare. It's true that many construction projects are using less and less fiberglass, which is made of plastic reinforced by tiny glass fibers, and opting for spray foam instead, so you may want to see how they fare up.

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