Watch US-Made Tesla Model 3 Being Compared to China-Made One

How different could China-built Tesla Model 3s be from those made in the U.S.?

Tesla has been criticized heavily over the years due to its inconsistencies related to quality and fit and finish in general with many cases of recalls. Typically, a lot of reports related to quality control, overall vehicle quality, and more have come up after Tesla started manufacturing cars at its Shanghai Gigafactory in China. This begs the question of whether China-built Teslas are much different from those made in the U.S.

In this in-depth video, the YouTube channel RSymons RSEV compares the China-made and U.S.-made Model 3 sedans side by side, providing a closer look. After getting their hands on one of the first of the new Model 3s made in China, they decided to bring it back to their showroom and do a comparison video.

All three generations of the car under the same bright light enable the viewer to see the quality and what's new. If you're curious to see the differences, make sure you tune in.

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