This Completely Useless LEGO Machine is Still Incredibly Entertaining

A lot of people have become familiar with the mechanical coin-stealing cat box thanks to the internet. Users place a coin on the lid, and a small robotic cat paw sneaks out to snatch the coin before retreating back into the box. This LEGO machine does nearly the exact same thing. However, this one, courtesy of JK Brickworks, doesn't take your money. It will get pretty aggressive with the robotic hand. If simple amusements are your type of entertainment, this video is definitely for you.

This video serves as a sequel to JK Brickworks's first useless LEGO machine that 'refused' to turn off. Will Jason finally succeed in thwarting the machine? Or will these LEGO pieces win out?

If you're interested in building one of your own to frustrate family and friends, check out Jason's instructions here.

Via JK Brickworks


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