Computer Whiz Uses 1930 Model 15 Teletype as a Terminal for Linux

As the YouTuber, with the heart of an engineer, says, "Not that it's useful or anything, but it can be done."
Derya Ozdemir

In this amazing video, YouTuber CuriousMarc managed to pair a contemporary Linux system with a piece of 90 years old technology, and it is as rad as it sounds. 

After getting requests for using their newly restored, vintage 1930 Model 15 Teletype as a terminal for Linux, CuriousMarc decided to make the best of the quarantine by doing just that. And, as he says in the video, "you bet your sweet Telex operator, it works!" Obviously, you can't program a space rocket in this thing; however, you can print Roadrunner, Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, and more with it, which we believe is what matters most. 

This extremely patient techie overcame the obstacles of hooking up a 5-bit Baudot mechanical contraption to a modern OS. "How?" you ask? You should watch the video to find out. Not only the video is incredibly interesting and informative, but it also has beautiful visuals that are pretty satisfying to watch. 

Moreover, CuriousMarc shows that he has the heart of an engineer by saying, "Not that it's useful or anything, but it can be done."

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