Construction Workers Build Concrete Staircase and It's a Masterpiece

It looks like a stairway to heaven.
Derya Ozdemir

This is concrete done right: In this video, West Coast Custom Concrete builds a massive concrete stairway and it shows that you don't need thousand-dollar, futuristic tools to do expert work. 

You might have never thought you needed to watch people employing incredible skills with concrete and stairs, but you won't be sorry after watching the video. The end product is just clean, perfect, and makes you think of that particular Led Zeppelin song. 

The construction workers in the video have incredible workmanship and why's and how's of what they do is explained in the video too. We'd like to see those stairs completed with some landscaping and low voltage surface lighting too.

It is truly beautiful, and it is so satisfying to watch such perfection and care put into the art of installation. It is not an easy job since it is on a hillside with a lot of stairs. Moreover, they do all that in one big pour! It is just oh-so impressive.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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