Convert Your Old Bike into a Polished E-bike with This Conversion Kit (Part 2)

Here's all that's left to do to upgrade your old bike into a high speed e-bike.
Christopher McFadden

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Welcome back! 

If you've been watching the first part of this build, then let's get the project finished. If you've missed the first part, then you can check it out here

diy e bike complete
Source: Donny Terek/YouTube

Just like in Part 1, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed


With all your gear in hand, let's get this project finished. 

Step 1: Assemble the e-bike

Assuming you've completed steps 1 to 3 of Part 1 of this build, the next step is to build the final e-bike. 

Start by reattaching the front fork of the bike to the frame. Next, take your handlebar assembly and reattach it to the front fork as required. 

Next, take the e-bike motorized hub wheel, attach it to the rear wheel mount of the bike frame and install the torque arm as needed. 

With that done, install the e-bike pedal assembly to the original bike frame as shown in the video. Also, install the pedal assist sensor to the pedal assembly as shown. Add gears and the main pedal arms as needed too. 

diy ebike add pedals
Source: Donny Terek/YouTube

With that done, take your new bike chain and install it on the bike as needed. Next, take the e-bike conversion kit LCD screen parts, wire them up as needed, and attach them to the bike handlebars and frame as shown in the instruction video. 

Install the main e-bike controls to the handlebars as required like the e-bike throttle and brakes, etc. With that done, reconnect and reassemble the brake cables and brake calipers to the front and rear wheels. 

diy ebike conversion brakes etc
Source: Donny Terek/YouTube

Tighten the cables as needed once installed. Tie any loose cables to the main bike frame and tidy up using cable tidies as needed. With all that done, attach the main pedals to the bike as needed. 

Once that is done, reattach the main bike saddle back onto the bike frame as required. Last, but by no means least, remember to return the front wheel to the front fork of the bike, and reinflate the tire if needed.

Step 2: Go for a ride!

With all that done, your new DIY modified e-bike is almost ready to take on a test ride. But first, you'll need to fully charge the battery pack before heading out. 

Connect it to a power supply, and wait around five hours to allow the battery to fully charge. Once ready, return the battery pack to the bike frame and connect any wires that are required. 

Now all you need to do is to find a suitable test ground for your new toy! Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this relatively complicated project, you may enjoy making a far simpler e-bike for yourself? How about, for example, this other example of converting an old bike into a top-of-the-line new e-bike?

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