Cool Nifty Gadgets Made with 3D Printing

3D printing can be used to create everything from a kaleidoscope to a ballista.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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3D printing can be used for everything from producing organs to homes. The technology is as varied as it is powerful and it can result in some pretty incredible creations.

Here are now some cool and nifty gadgets made with 3D printing. The first is an 8 cylinder radial engine model that sees all its pieces move at the same time.

Next, is an evolved kaleidoscope that can be turned around to work on all sides. A mechanical rook box opens and closes with ease while a razor blade scraper handle makes handling a blade a breeze.

Fifth is a mini sanding tool that can be used on both sides. Next, a ballista can provide hours of fun for you and its target. Ok, maybe not for the target!

Cool Nifty Gadgets Made with 3D Printing
Mini Sanding Tool, Source: MyMiniFactory

Seventh is a super useful print-in-place phone holder that even goes in your car. Eighth is a stylish multi-colored clamp that can hold together a variety of objects.

Next, is an ultra-smooth cranker console box. Tenth is a torque wrench that can easily be assembled together.

Cool Nifty Gadgets Made with 3D Printing
Cranker console box, Source: MyMiniFactory

Doodle tops can easily be assembled on a simple pencil to spin for minutes while a propeller launcher provides fun for days. An old school adjustable wrench works well as a tool around the house.

Fourteenth is a cool squeeze grip fan that can provide some refreshing cooling. Next up is a scary looking chompy skull. 

Cool Nifty Gadgets Made with 3D Printing
Adjustable wrench, Source: Cults

You can also 3D print fabric although it's doubtful you can wear it. Seventeenth is a ratchet clamp, a smaller clamp for tiny objects.

Next, up are some fun multi-purpose small clips that look like fish. A swipe flask is ideal for hiding things while a flat-fold phone stand works magic for holding up your phone.

Cool Nifty Gadgets Made with 3D Printing
Swipe flask, Source: MyMiniFactory

A linkage crate uses the law of physics to allow the panel in the front to open up the whole box while a chomper box uses integrated cogs to open both sides together.

A modular mini tripod is ideal for holding your phone while these predator action pliers will remind you of the movie Predator while they pick up stuff.

A beautiful scarab beetle box can be used as a small jewelry box. An extremely useful bag clip with a screw cap is good for bags you need to pour stuff out of.

A sci-fi small part storage crate can be used for small items while a business card embosser can create cool designs on your cards.

Fidget twisters are great for relaxing and an iris box is ideal for small jewelry or pills. Micro catapults are great for throwing small things across big distances and puzzle spheres are loads of fun to assemble.

Cool Nifty Gadgets Made with 3D Printing
Fidget twisters, Source: MyMiniFactory

The pentagon twist container makes for great decoration in any home. The mini tape gun will make sure your tape is always ready to use.