Could Humans Survive Life on Mars? Watch This Video and Find Out

Sub-zero daytime temperatures, frozen blocks of water, little gravity: Mars' welcome would be a harsh, but plausible, one.
Fabienne Lang

Space exploration has been ongoing for decades, led by the likes of NASA and SpaceX, amongst other companies, with a strong focus on Mars as a liveable option, and whether or not humans could inhabit the red planet. This educational and inspiring video showcases what life on Mars could be like.

As Earth's population continuously rises, as well as environmental issues changing our planet's conditions, making them harsher in certain parts of the globe for human life to live safely - scientists have been looking further afield for answers. 

Quite a bit further, in fact, say 250 million kilometers away. In a part of the stratosphere that has a thin atmosphere and that is further away from the sun. Welcome to Mars

As the video clearly demonstrates, life would not be easy from the get-go on the planet who's the highest temperature reaches minus 100 degrees Celsius (minus 148 degrees Fahrenheit) at the height of the day.

Add to that a yearly cycle that lasts 668.6 martian days, quite an addition to our earthly 365 days! On top of which gravity is much lower at only 38 percent, and an atmosphere made up of 96 percent of carbon dioxide content - merely breathing would be tough.

But, as the video demonstrates, never say never. With quite some adaptation and a whole load of technological advances, life on Mars is achievable. Humans have been adapting to their surroundings on Earth for centuries, so why not on a new planet?