Could You Spend a Week Inside Virtual Reality Like This Guy?

Jak Wilmot spent a staggering 168 hours inside a VR headset. Here are the results.
Jessica Miley

You have probably heard about Virtual Reality (VR), maybe you’ve even had a go yourself. At this point, the technology is in development, and current versions involve strapping in an oversized pair of goggles and seeing a whole new virtual world in front of you.

Depending on the quality of the software and the goggles, this new world will range from breathtakingly realistic to grainy and a little glitchy. Many people think that VR will change the way we operate in the world.

There are already studies and experiments to use VR in everything from training astronauts to helping people overcome their fear of spiders. One person that strongly believes VR will change the world is Jak Wilmot from Disrupt media.

To test his theory and to see if a VR centered world would work, Wilmot donned a VR headset for a full week, yup that’s 168 hours. Wilmot, slept, worked, ate and even showered in his VR goggles.

Wilmot and Disrupt media make a short documentary about the experiment and the results are...well..interesting. It’s a fascinating insight into what our future could look like.

Wilmot accesses a range of apps to do what he would normally do, but instead of in the ‘real world’ he does then in VR. For example, using a social media type app, Wilmot attends a meditation circle with people all over the world, each person using A VR headset to attend.