Craftsman Attaches Saws to His Bicycle, Rides it Over a Frozen Lake

This 'icycycle' surely uses some cutting-edge technology.
Derya Ozdemir

Most good things start with a doodle sketched out with a sharpie and an engineer who's got a lot of spare time in their hands. In this video, the YouTube channel The Q showcases a bike that he built -- however, it comes with a catch.  It has circular saws instead of wheels and can easily be ridden on ice, making it quite literally an 'icуcycle.' 

There are many questions that come out with a build like this. What would happen if he fell backward, onto the back wheel? How many times would you need to go over a block of ice for it to split into two parts? Or what would happen if you hit the front tire with your shoe, which happens a lot normally when you are riding a normal bicycle

The icycycle looks like it belongs to a zombie apocalypse movie at times and makes you wonder what would happen if he ran over a person on accident. After building it, he takes it out for a ride over a frozen lake which provides some cool scenery, too. The video is well-edited and well-thought, you'll probably also appreciate the work that went into making it possible. Enjoy!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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