Craftsman Builds Off-Grid Solar Tiny House inside a Van in 2 Months

Take a tour in this stealthy tiny house — you won't be disappointed.

There is nothing more motivating than watching someone with immense talent and imagination to build and design things, and this video is the perfect example of that. 

YouTube channel DualEx takes us through the build process for his 2001 Ford e250 cargo van that he converted into a "mobile stealth tiny home". The entire thing took him only two months. In the description box, he wrote that he was aiming to achieve a car that could be parked anywhere without being noticed as someone living or camping inside of the vehicle. However, with the small space he had inside of the van, he had to get creative.

If the short amount of time it took to get it done won't blow your mind, the chair/desk/cabinet mash-up that he creates definitely will. Thanks to the numerous clever designs he comes up with to keep most of the space free, he achieves a final product that is flourishing with skills and creativity. Tune in, you won't be disappointed.

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