Craftsman Recreates Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions To See if They Work

The well-made builds show the genius of da Vinci and the incredible talent of their maker.
Derya Ozdemir

The genius of Leonardo da Vinci manages to impress people centuries after his passing. The Italian polymath, who excelled in architecture, engineering, mathematics, and several others, has hundreds of sketches where he drew his inventions and engineering concepts. These blueprints are so rich in detail that, we can recreate them centuries after they were first put on paper.

This video by the YouTube channel veproject1 takes a deep dive into the inventions of the famed polymath and shows in detail how they work through incredibly well-made builds. You'll be questioning which is more impressive when you see the designs: the imagination and brilliance of da Vinci or the videomaker's incredibly capable recreations which shows how good he must be at making sense of the drawings and making them come to life.

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There is much to be learned from da Vinci, so seeing his inventions tested will surely be an enlightening experience. Moreover, if you'd like to learn more about this prolific polymath and explore his many achievements, you can continue watching here.

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