Craftsman Turns a Rusty Hatchet Into a Miniature Battle-Axe

This guy is basically building a tiny arsenal for tiny warriors.

Previously, we had featured Bobby Duke Arts demonstrating how he found a large rusty nail in his backyard and went to town on it until he got a beautiful medieval sword.

In today's video, he comes full circle and turns a rusty hatchet into a beautiful little battle-axe. 

Perfect for your extremely small chopping needs, he shows and explains how he turns a normal-sized battle-axe into a pretty small one. We're guessing his small appliances could be of great use to the Little Bits restaurant in Rick and Morty.

This video is perfectly chaotic and educational at the same time and certainly will entertain you when you think about the fact that some of his neighbors might have seen him smash eggs and squirt ketchup on his legs. 

At this point, after turning a large rusty nail into a little sword and a stainless steel bolt into a little hunting knife, he is basically building a tiny arsenal for tiny warriors. We are excited to see what comes next. 

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