Craftsman Turns an Old Diamond Blade Into a Beautiful Drawknife

One person's discarded blade is another's shiny new tool.

If you have an old saw blade around, then you have endless possibilities on what you can turn it into. A fantastic knife, a beautiful fork, a useful drawknife... Okay, maybe your possibilities are limited to knives and cutlery, but hey, that's fun too!

YouTuber craftsman John Heisz has taken an old saw blade and turned it into a 5-inch draw blade (12.7 cm). Put simply, a drawknife is a traditional woodworking tool. It's also called draw shave or shaving knife. It has two handles on each hand and the blade is longer than it is deep —meaning the cutting edge is longer but the distance between the cutting edge and the back edge is shallower.

You may not think you need a drawknife, but hey, maybe you'll find a use for it after you make one. Whether you are going to do it yourself or you just want to see the making process of a cool knife, this DIY video is a treat!

And, if you're into DIY projects involving projects, could we interest you in a giant razorblade with a handle?

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