Create the Coolest Industrial Table Lamp on Your Own

This video shows how you can make an industrial table lamp just by using an old faucet.
Nursah Ergü

If you were in need of a new table lamp, here's a good idea for you. If you like to make crafts on your own, then this DIY video is a great opportunity for you to make yourself a brand new table lamp.

To create this lamp, all you need is an old faucet to turn into a lamp by using the black iron pipe parts and fittings. This lamp will be unique to you, your very own creation.

With an old faucet and a rotary switch, you'll have an industrial table lamp made from scratch. 

The process of creating the lamp is not too complicated or difficult. It's suitable both for beginners or professional DIYers. By watching the video and following the steps carefully, and you'll end up with a fully working table lamp. This lamp will take your DIY game to another level, and make you want to lean on arts and crafts more. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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