Creators of 3D-Printed Lamborghini Aventador Got A Real One on Christmas Morning

Lamborghini made this family's Christmas a very merry Christmas indeed.

Lamborghini has released its 2019 Christmas video and it seems that your dreams about Santa bringing down a car down the chimney for you have become a reality for this little boy.

As a follow up to their 2018 Christmas video “Real Lamborghini Lover”, this year’s story features familiar faces from a heart-warming story you might have heard about: Sterling Nackus and his 12-year-old son Xander.

The story began with little Xander playing a racing game on his console. His all-time favorite was Aventador of course. Being a scientist himself, Sterling decided it would be cool to attempt and build the car himself since his son was absolutely smitten. 

For almost two years, father and son have been building a real-size Aventador SV replica in their garage in Colorado, USA, using just a 3D printer. This Christmas, Lamborghini surprised them with the real thing: they opened their garage door to find the real, black Aventador S instead of their replica model.


With their Lamborghini love established, they get to drive the car for a few days and have a merry time with their own Lamborghini.

This video will most definitely warm your heart. Also, you might want to keep the tissues ready.

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