Watch Creepy Cyborg Chickens Fighting in an Epic Battle of Claws

Welcome to the creepy side of the internet.
Derya Ozdemir

Back in 2017, a software developer named Mike Kohn decided to save up chicken bones from the fried chicken he had been eating, starting what would be a unique chronicle starring cyborg chickens — a.k.a. chicken robots that were made possible thanks to the power of programming and real chicken bones. Yes, they are as creepy and disturbing looking as they sound. 

He explained in a blog post that he was curious to see if this crazy project would work; He would hook up some motors and an MSP430 microcontroller to a bunch of chicken bones with the ultimate goal of having a cyborg chicken fight. 

First, he would make a chicken with actual chicken claws that can stand with motors on its feet and arms. It runs on an MSP430 microcontroller, and the code was written in Java.

For the video at the top that shows the chicken fight, he built a circuit around the MSP430 microcontroller that interprets infrared signals that carry commands from another circuit attached to a joystick.

The saga continued with the cyborg chickens playing baseball thanks to Kohn's co-worker who got a 3D printer. The baseball bat is 3D printed, and the rest was as usual:

Admittedly, this will either be the worst or the best thing you'll see this week, depending on your temperament. It is admittedly a clever and creative project that was nicely pulled off, and one could console themselves by thinking the dead chickens had a second chance at life by becoming chicken fight actresses; however, the videos still feel like they are dragging you to a fever dream. See for yourself. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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