This Guy Nearly Got Himself Crushed By A Giant Balloon Filled With Water

Kathleen Villaluz

Hands down, summer is the best season ever. Especially for those who live on an island where it rains so much (yes, I'm talking about the British Isles). Everyone becomes alive when the sun finally decides to come out. And with summer comes a bunch of random and silly activities to do. These two guys are no exception - they tried to crush themselves with a giant balloon filled with water.

One of the guys laid down on a trampoline with the unfilled balloon on top of him. The idea is to gradually fill up the 6-foot giant balloon with water as much as possible until it pops or until it crushes the voluntary victim. The trampoline apparently gives you a soft cushion to have a more comfortable demise. We don't recommend you to try this at home, especially when you're by yourself. Getting crushed to death by a giant balloon seems like a far-fetched idea but as the water starts to weigh down on you, it might get worryingly uncomfortable.

Despite the safety hazards of this video, the finale, however, is absolutely cool. As the water filled up the giant balloon, it applied so much pressure on the guy's leg. And as he couldn't bear the weight any longer, the only option was to pop the giant balloon out before it cuts off blood circulation throughout his limbs. The amazing thing is, the popping of the balloon was captured in 4K slow motion. The guy under the balloon said, "it felt like I was drowning for a second there". If you watch through the slow motion take, you'll understand what he means.