Crushing 1500 sheets of Paper with Hydraulic Press is Really Entertaining to Watch

The Hydraulic Press Channel does it again, this time crushing different types of paper. Putting paper under pressure results in some very surprising explosions.

We never get sick of watching things get crushed on the Hydraulic Press Channel. This week the crazy Finnish host, Lauri Vuohensilta does a paper special, crushing four different paper products.

First up is a paper’s raw material pulp. Looking like a stack of rough parchment, the paper does what often happens when pressed under a massive pressure. It explodes. The pulp leaves behind a ‘core’ of itself pressed beyond recognition into an ice hockey puck sized disc that makes almost a plastic sound when struck. Next up is a stack comprising of 250 paper plates. The paper plates go the way of the pulp and end in an explosion that leaves the factory hosting the press in a cloud of paper smithereens. Next in the firing line, Vuohensilta presses some paper towel. This stack of hand drying material is surprisingly the toughest of the previous paper products. It sort of withstands the pressure to create a compressed version of itself.

But our favorite product that got tested was a stack of paper cups. Watching the press head come down and perfectly push the cups in on themselves was actually very satisfying. The paper cups ends in a small explosion once the material had nowhere else to go.

If you weren’t already familiar with the Hydraulic Press Channel, we recommend taking some time off work this afternoon to have a look through some of their previous videos. Uohensilta has been crushing things since 2015 and his list now includes a jawbreaker, various kinds of fruit, a hockey puck, a Barbie, Lego cars and a cable box, various electronic devices and of course stacks of paper.

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