Custom Made Mouse Gives You the ‘Real’ Feeling of Firing a Gun

From mouse to gun, these coders have engineered the feeling of recoil.
Derya Ozdemir

We don't know who needed this, but a team of coders developed a bizarre mouse which gives the user the "true feeling" of firing a gun in video games

Teenenggr is the YouTube channel behind this new gadget, who, according to their website, make "Arduino/Raspberry Pi tutorials, Software hacks, awesome projects, stupid projects, projects that may have no use but we do it because we love to do it." What a great description! 

They've shared the code behind their mouse on GitHub. How does it work, you ask? Well, apparently, Python on the PC reads the mouse - the keys pressed, etc. -  and sends the data it receives to Arduino, using a serial connection. According to their website, "At Arduino side, we will read the serial data and on/off the solenoids accordingly." It's pretty cool.

So yeah, if the sound effects are not enough for you to be immersed in the game, this mouse might do the trick.


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