Daredevil Races His Personal Hoverboard Through Stunning Landscape

Inventor Frank Zapata flew through gorgeous views in this new video at reported speeds of over 100 mph.
Shelby Rogers

If you're a fan of hoverboards, jetpacks, or any other single-person propulsion systems, you'd probably know the name, Frank Zapata. In this recent video, the engineer showcases his latest stunt -- flying his hover system and topping out at speeds of over 100 miles per hour, reportedly.

It's not quite a jetpack and it is more extensive than a hoverboard. It's almost reminiscent of the iconic Spider-Man villain the Green Goblin and his hoverboard. Given the stunning landscapes covered in this video, the hoverboard system seems like the perfect way to take in the views. 

Zapata resides in France, and he's garnered attention over the years for his viral videos. When he tested his Flyboard and uploaded the video to YouTube, viewers were either extremely receptive to the technology or immediately thought it was a hoax. Critics of subsequent videos have called out the over-the-top editing styles and lack of any real struggles. 

As Zapata has explained in previous interviews, the Flyboard system actually includes three parts -- the board itself, a fuel tank (which is what's on his back) and a hand-held remote he uses to control. The remote itself is simple, and it controls the four turbo engines found in the board. Each engine puts out 250 horsepower each, and a logic system within the board helps to stabilize it as his weight shifts during flight.