Dark Mode vs. Light Mode, Which One Lasts Longer?

This video will show you that using the apps on dark mode can save you some battery life.
Nursah Ergü

Dark mode is all around us! It started with a bunch of apps, and some of us thought it was weird, and some of us thought it was what we were looking for all these years. And if you have sensitive eyes, dark mode is actually good for you, it's less eye-tiring after all. Since we spend most of our time on our phones, we may need some protection for our eyes, so it's actually a good feature.

And there have been some questions on whether the dark mode is better for your battery too. Well, PhoneBuff performed a test to see if dark mode is really better for your battery.

They made the test on an iPhone XS Max, but it's said that the results should be relatively similar on other phones with OLED displays with Dark Mode enabled.

The test lasted for 2 hours and on the video, a message screen was on and we saw two people texting. After 2 hours, the battery of the phone with dark mode was 88% and the battery of the phone with light mode was 83%.

Then on the video, they use twitter for 2 hours on both phones. And the difference is shocking! The phone with dark mode went down to 72% while the phone with light mode did to 57%.

After watching videos on Youtube for 2 hours, the results became more and more shocking. Dark mode enabled iPhone was 43% at the end of 2 hours while light mode enabled iPhone was 20%.

At the end of the test, the last app that was used was Google Maps, But after just 1 hour and 33 minutes, the light mode enabled iPhone died whereas the dark mode enabled iPhone was at 26% after 2 hours.

So, it's obvious that while using the apps that come with a dark mode feature, if you enable the dark mode, you'll save some battery too.

For further details, watch the video.

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