Dedicated Droner Jumps Into Lake to Save Quadcopter From a Watery Death

Watch as this man plunges into a lake to get to his drone before it hits the water.
Jessica Miley

What would you do to save your drone? For one man it meant wading into a river fully clothed. 

The dedicated drone pilots craft was running low on battery and preparing to autoland - except it was flying over a body of water at the time. Not about to see his pride and drown the pilot rushed to the water's edge and waded in reaching the drone just in time for it to land safely in his arms! 

Of course, the spectacular rescue was all captured by the drone's own camera. A quick search on YouTube reveals that this is a pretty common situation. 

There are lots of epic drones saves captured by the precarious drones just moments before their potential death. Many of the saves happen just before the drone hits some water, their loyal pilots dive off boats and land to pluck their drones out of the water just seconds before the drones make contact. 

Many types of drones will autoland when their battery gets below a certain percentage, not having any idea what they are flying over. Other drones seem to have unexpectedly begun to power down causing serious panic from their owners. 

For anyone that knows a drone pilot, you’ll understand the deep love between human and machine - not to mention the expensive loss if the drone did go for a swim.