Designer Makes Carbon Fibre Bike Frame From CAD Design to Finish

From CAD design to downhill race, these guys make a carbon fiber bike from scratch.

Making a beautiful carbon fiber bike frame, from CAD design to downhill race, is not a difficult feat for Vlad Yordinov. You probably won't manufacture your own homemade carbon fiber mountain bike frame any time soon; however, watching one talented bike designer and Easy Composites Ltd YouTube channel make one from scratch is actually pretty satisfying.

In this in-depth, nearly 40-minute long technical discussion video, the two covers the entire process of taking an original CAD design for a downhill mountain bike frame through to a fitted out, rideable prototype. 

The video shows the interesting operation that differs from a high-volume production model would require, and it is a clever operation indeed. That bike looks amazing when you think about the fact that it's essentially a prototype.


The video is so detailed that it could almost be used as a making a carbon fiber bike frame tutorial. The frame looks awesome, and the explanations are on point, what more could you ask?

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