Designer Reinvented a Stunning Windows XP for 2018

YouTube creator Kamer Kaan Avdan showcased his ideas for an updated Microsoft Windows XP look in a new video.
Shelby Rogers

Windows users have had the Windows XP interface for nearly two decades at this point, and during that time, it's evolved to accommodate various designs. However, a few things just don't change, and fans of the Windows XP system certainly have their favorite elements. One such fan is Kamer Kaan Avdan's redesign of the Windows XP system for 2018. 

The imaginative video only lasts one minute and 30 seconds, but it's enough to pack in a ton of unique ideas. Avadan throws in extensive contemporary styles throughout the welcome screen and the window toolbars. He also adds the Windows 10 app search experience.

Avdan also isn't afraid to bring back some classic elements of previous Microsoft iterations. Rather than Cortana's simple circle, Avdan uses a throwback of Rover -- the animated dog from Microsoft -- to fill in as the internal AI's avatar.

Via: Avdan

Designer Reinvented a Stunning Windows XP for 2018


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