Meet the Man Who Can 'Design' Snowflakes on Demand

He is also the one who designed the snowflakes in Disney's Frozen and several post stamps.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Back in 2020, we brought you the story of  Nathan Myhrvold, a former CTO at Microsoft and the founder of Modernist Cuisine, an innovation food lab, who was getting up close and personal with snowflakes, producing jaw-dropping images of them.

Now, this video brings you the snowflake expert responsible for the flakes on Disney's Frozen and on postage stamps: Dr. Ken Libbrecht. YouTuber Veritasium pays the man a visit and gets to see his snowflake designing processes first hand.

Playing with temperatures and humidity levels, Libbrecht can produce all kinds of snowflake sizes and shapes. The snowflakes always start as a simple dot and then grow out from there. 

Libbrecht has gotten so good at designing snowflakes, he actually knows what they will grow to look like. "It's fun," he says. "I get to predict nature." To achieve all this Libbrecht uses a special machine that allows him to manipulate many environmental elements.

How did Libbrecht become a snowflake expert? What does he have to teach us about snowflakes? Why are some snowflakes flat and symmetrical while others are not? What other unusual shapes do snowflakes take? The video answers all these questions and more. As Christmas approaches, it's a great clip to watch for inspiration on decorations.  

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