Diesel Engine Running at Full Speed for Eight Minutes Results in a Fireball

Things didn't go well for the 8V71 Detroit.
Derya Ozdemir

If you're an engine-enthusiast or a Detroit lover, this video might be hard to watch for you. Runaway diesel engines can be violent and dangerous in some cases, and in this video, we get to see one being tormented into an explosion.

YouTube channel KT3406E is home to many videos where crazy stunts happen, and needless to say, you should never try any of these videos at home. In this particular one, you can watch the guy behind the channel take a '70s GMC semi with an 8V71 Detroit and absolutely blow it with its injector racks stuck wide open. The guy feeds fuel into the engine until the valves of it start floating around. 

He explained in the description box he started the semi-truck for the first time in 12 years. With the injector racks tied down, the 8V71 Detroit "runs away, resulting in a fireball." As you can imagine, the vehicle has a pretty rough time...

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