Some of the Disastrous Rocket Take-Offs and Landings

Accidents do happen and when they happen to rockets they result in glorious explosions.

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Millions if not billions of dollars go into building rockets, that they would take off and land smoothly. Unfortunately, whether it's bad engineering, lack of proper maintenance, or just bad luck, accidents do happen and when they happen to rockets they result in glorious explosions.

In this video, we bring you some of the most famous rocket disasters of all time. From the 2014 Antares $80 million rocket to the 1996 Ariane 5 we showcase that what goes up must come down and sometimes without completing its journey.

Watch as the 1958 Atlas Classified explodes without ever taking off. The 1957 Atlas Classified gets destroyed by remote control mid-air as two of its engines fail. Meanwhile, the 1951 Titan I also exploded without ever taking off.


These are but a few of the disasters we showcase in our video but there are many more. From SpaceX to Blue Origin, even today's advanced companies suffer from accidents that often result in mind-blowing explosions.

Sadly, these accidents sometimes cost lives and millions of dollars, not to mention the wasted time, but reviews and revisions are always made so engineers can understand what happened and learn from their mistakes. This is the reason why today so many rockets take off without so much as a scratch.

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