Disintegration of a 3'2" Concrete Cube with 4,5 Lbs of Dynamite

You could say that these folks "had a blast".
Utku Kucukduner

You know how the saying goes... ashes to ashes, concrete to dust.

Some folks from Finland, a couple of whom you may know from Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube wondered if they could bust a cube of concrete to dust with 4,5 lbs (2 kg) of dynamite. 

In the video, Henri Kiviniemi says that in his training, he was taught that 60 grams of dynamite are the correct amount for the obliteration of a cubic meter of rock. They used 4,5 lbs (2 kg), so that's roughly 33 times the required amount!

They took their safety precautions and set the charge. After preparation, Henri went "yksi, kaksi, kolme" and detonated the cube into oblivion.

For extra dramatization, they even put a trailer right next to the rig. For one thing, footage from the cam inside the van looks like a scene from a John Wick movie. 

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