DIY Project Turns Sled Into a Snow 'Boat' That You Can Row

Row, row, row your sled; gently down the snow...

No winter activity is as beloved and fun as hopping on a sled as a pastime family activity. It is one of few outdoor activities that you can enjoy to get rid of the cold and the gloom of winter. 

In this video, the YouTube channel DIY projects - step by step shows how you can make a sled that has its own power, which he calls either a mechanical-powered sled or a rowing sled. He was able to do this fun project in his backyard as the current winter weather had kids up and about in the snow, having fun.

Made possible thanks to great workmanship and a vast imagination, the end product looks admittedly a bit funny. Watching his son 'row' the sled is even funnier. In the comments below, DIY projects - step by step answered a praising comment by saying, "I think it's funny, my wife thinks it's... stupid." As the demonstration shows, actually rowing the sled takes a lot of will and determination which could help you get rid of those winter pounds. So it's up to you whether you think this build is worth the effort. 

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