Make Yourself a Thermoacoustic Engine By Learning How to Harness Acoustic Energy

These experiments will guide you through the making of a thermoacoustic engine.
Derya Ozdemir

If you've ever asked yourself what it would take to build a thermoacoustic engine, you'll be glad to know that the YouTube channel NightHawkInLight will be making a series of thermoacoustic experiments that will be coming together at the end in the making of a working thermoacoustic engine.

In case you're not familiar with the field, the host defines thermoacoustics as a field of study that "explores the relationship between heat and acoustic resonance." One application of the study is how engineers can create engines that run on heat alone. What's different about these thermoacoustic engines is that, contrary to typical engines, thermoacoustic engines have next-to-no moving parts like shafts or bearings. They can run on heat alone with only one or two moving parts. Thermoacoustics can also be used to make air conditioners that can pump heat from one place to another via sound waves.