DIYer Builds True 4K Projector for a Fraction of the Price

Compared to an off-the-shelf $2,000 projector, he achieves shockingly amazing results.

Amid a time where the pandemic has killed the movie theater experience for the dismay of all lovers of cinema, recreating that feeling of paddling into the theater and watching a movie on the big screen while completely submerged in the dark has never been more desirable. 

If you want to follow that dream, the this video from the YouTube channel DIY Perks conveniently shows how to build your very own homemade projector. However, this isn't one of those videos where they slap some tap on lenses and iPhones to achieve pretty crappy visuals. No, he actually makes a home cinema projector which is true 4K.

As he says, although it is homemade, this projector "packs a serious punch" thanks to its sharp contrast and vibrant colors. After explaining how you can do one for your own, he compares the image quality to an off-the-shelf projector that costs $2,000, and the results are shockingly amazing. Tune in! 

If you're interested in more how-to clips, DIY Perks has many other entertaining videos where you can watch him, for example, make the world's weirdest fan by using a modern bellows system.

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