DIYing a Scissor Lamp to Cut Your Enemies While Enlightening Them

It is especially cool since now you can literally cut the lights.
Derya Ozdemir

Combining stuff to get new inventions is how revolutionary things happen from time to time, just look at the Tesla Cybertruck for example, which is basically the brainchild of cyberpunk and trucks as its name suggests. 

In this video's case, Simone Giertz takes lamps and scissors and forces them together as she says, "consensually", to achieve a custom scissor lamp. It looks even cooler than it sounds and this project gets even better when you think about the puns you can do since now you can literally cut the lights.

The video's atmosphere goes between chaotic energy with a lot of DIY difficulties happening and some very relaxing ASMR moments, and it's just the perfect mix.

The DIY part is pretty straightforward and the entire project goes around meddling with metal and welding it. After some transferring, grinding, welding, and lining, the end product looks pretty sharp indeed. As she puts it beautifully, they look like "blades of brightness" that are self-ready the moment you turn them on. Make sure you don't miss them out!

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