Watching This Domino Row Building Machine In Action Will Definitely Satisfy You

Jessica Miley

It’s never easy to know what motivates people to do the hobbies they do. But boy, are we glad that Matthias Wandel spends his spare time in his woodshop. Check out this video from the Canadian engineer as he makes an automatic wooden domino dispenser. The video doesn’t give you all the details you need to make your own version. You’ll need to head to his website for that. But the video is mesmerizing as Wandel shows off his great woodworking skills and engineering mind as he problem solves his way through the development of the must have Domino accessory.  

Wandel has a bunch of other great videos on his channel, they range from him introducing his various kick-ass tools and equipment to showing you how to make really cool stuff. His video of making a wooden combination lock is one of our favorites.

But you might still be asking yourself, why on earth would you need an automatic dominos machine? It might be helpful if you want to do insane domino tricks like this.

Dominos date back as far as 1120 CE. Placing dominos on their end, so that they can fall when pushed over is known as a domino show. The first known domino show was put on by Bob Speca, Jr. In 1976, he set the first official world record for the most dominoes toppled in a chain reaction. This record has inspired millions all over the world to do the same.