Donkey Kong Gets a Christmas Remix

Donkey Kong community hacker Sock Master has created a remix of the classic arcade game just in time for Christmas.
Jessica Miley

Donkey Kong just got a whole lot more seasonal thanks to a remix by Donkey Kong fan Sock Master. The Donkey Kong community hacker has generously released the DK Remix Christmas edition in honor of a holiday tournament on the Donkey Kong Forum website. The remixed version of the classic arcade game adds a wintery touch to each of the levels with snow and Christmas decorations, Pauline even gets a nice red party dress for the occasion.

To play you’ll need to have the original Donkey Kong arcade ROM and the MAME emulator then download the remix from If you are a DK fan, the holiday tournament sounds like a lot of fun. The competition has a prize pool of $250 with the winner receiving $100 and special edition t-shirt. There are also cash prizes for people who get to the game’s kill screen and the first player to get one million points, as well as for the person who gets the highest end-stage bonus. The holiday tournament kicks off on December 16 and runs through the end of the month. Venture beat journalist Jeff Grub tried his hand at the Christmas edition and although he failed pretty miserably, he put a call out there to all non-die hard fans to challenge his score. Check out his attempts below. Even if you aren’t a DK fan, the graphics and music are a joy to witness.