Engineer Attempts To Drink Using The World's Longest Straw

Drinking from a a 34-foot (10-meter) flexible straw is easier said than done.
Derya Ozdemir

James of The Action Lab is well-known for his several unique projects, which range from pranking his friends by secretly converting their windows into enormous speakers to unlocking the hidden lasers on his phone to create 3D images. In this particular video, he attempts to drink water from the world's longest straw, which spans 34 feet (10.3 meters), so it is longer than the theoretical maximum length for a working straw, meaning it should be impossible to draw liquid up to its top hole.

He first tries to do it manually; however, as you can imagine, he gets tired pretty soon. Then, he brings some engineering into the business by attempting to use an air compressor, but this was in vain too since the liquid boils as it climbs up. Seemingly simple, this task turns out to be a laborious chore that he is unsure how to do. If you're curious to see how he dealt with this interesting project, make sure you watch the video above. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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