Driver Tears up the Roof of a Massive Truck After Crashing into a Bridge

This lower than average railway bridge has claimed another truck victim. The bridge in North Carolina is usually hit by a truck once per month.
Jessica Miley

When driving anything taller than a regular car, it’s pretty important to know the height of your vehicle so you can navigate your way into carparks and under bridges. This is especially important if you are traveling down Gregson Street in Durham, North Carolina under the train crossing which has a clearance of just 3.5 meters (11' 8"). The lower than average bridge is inundated with warning signs and flashing lights to make it clear to drivers to check the height of their vehicles. But despite all this energy going into preventing crashes, trucks are regularly colliding with the trestle.

So often, in fact, one voyeur has installed a video camera to capture all the action. One of the most recent crash events happened on the 14th of October and is a particularly satisfying driver bungle. To top things off the driver also ran the red light just before the accident, again proving that speeding doesn’t pay off.

The bridge has been nicknamed by locals as the ‘can opener’ for its ability to peel the top off the trailers of the unfortunate trucks that hit the bridge at often very high speeds. Its official name is the Norfolk Southern–Gregson Street Overpass and it claims a new victim about once a month. These are often rented moving vans and the crashes happen despite adamant warnings from local rental companies. While the immediate thought of most people watching the glut of truck crashes available on YouTube is why not just raise the damn thing? In fact, the 77-year-old bridge cannot be altered because a higher height would mean other crossings in close proximity would also need to be changed. A major sewer line also runs only 1.2m under Gregson Street, which means the street is also unable to be lowered.

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