Drone and Mobile Phone Technology Have Finally Merged

LG have released promotional footage for their phone drone concept, the 505 BY LGU+. The crazy device can hover next to you for hands-free video calls and movie watching.
Jessica Miley

The PhoneDrone is a concept that combines the two must-have items in 2017; a smartphone and a drone. The device, conceived by LG and called 505 BY LGU+., looks much like a regular smartphone, shiny and shiny. But on the rear of the phone is two very slim line propellers that will allow the phone to act as a drone. Why would you need a drone phone you may ask; the answer is simple. It will allow you to capture the perfect selfie. Or as the concept's promotional video shows you can do some hands-free Skype calling to your loved ones, get the perfect group photo or simply capture all your day to day adventure activities like bungee jumping. The most confusing feature of the new phone is the ‘moving theatre mode’, this is demonstrated by a man lying on a couch watching a film who seems to need to be constantly moving his head to be able to keep his eyes on the floating and moving phone screen.

Other features of the concept include self-charging; that seems to be where the phone will float off from your hand and put itself on charge, and a 5000cd high-intensity flashlight. We hope the phone also comes with some sort of ‘return to owner’ setting. So your device can fly to your hand after you lose it in the house. There is no indication how far along LG is in the development of the product and if and when we are ever to see the 505 hit the market.

Via: LGU+

Drone and Mobile Phone Technology Have Finally Merged

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