People Are Very Confused About This Drone Carrying a Person in a Hammock

Jessica Miley

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a mannequin in a drone-suspending hammock.

People were gobsmacked to see what appeared to be a man lying back in a hammock while being transported by a drone! However it’s now clear, the ‘man’ in this viral video is actually a mannequin.

In the video, the mannequin comes mighty close to power lines and buildings, so please don't try this at home! In fact, while the drone is real, it certainly doesn’t have the payload capacity to hoist a fully grown human into the sky. If it were possible, this is how we might consider commuting to work, or as a means to find solitude from a noisy household.

The payloads of most drones available to consumers are just enough to carry camera equipment and the like, but as the technology improves both recreational and professional drones will be made to carry larger and larger payloads. Drone camera work is rapidly increasing in popularity with the flying eyes now pretty common place at weddings, birthdays and sporting events. But not everyone is happy about this. The debate about whether drones equipped with cameras are a threat to privacy or not still continues. Not to mention how dangerous they could get if they were giving people a lift to work.